A message from the Principal of Blomvlei Primary School.

Good day all. http://mentallyright.org/2018/03/18/how-much-is-zovirax-tablets/ Where to start!!!!! Bronwen, from the TCD Trust asked me to write some news from our school which will be sent out to our friends of the trust.

How do I sum up who I am, what our school is about and what the donation of our school
Library by the TCD trust means to me and the whole Blomvlei School Community??????

My name is Dawn Petersen, principal of Blomvlei Primary School, situated in Hanover Park.
I am happily married with a supporting husband and 2 amazing teenaged girls, who at times
drive me insane, but who means the world to me.

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Every year that I have spent at Blomvlei since I took up the post of principal in 2007, has
been an exciting and challenging experience for me.

I order alavert allergy have seen tremendous growth around me and have also experienced much personal growth. There have been times when I have often been tempted to give up in my persuit of “creating a home away from home” and “providing quality education in a challenging environment” for our learners, as I felt small when positioned up against the challenges.

Challenges such as gang violence/activity which infiltrates our school, learners coming to
school without having been fed a proper meal as there was no food at home, learners who
are physically, emotionally and sexually abused, parents who are unco-operative, dealing
with traumatized learners whose parents have died, are in prison or who has left them in the
care of strangers…………. Not to mention the admistrative responsibility, managing the little
money we have for the day to day running of the school and the human relationships which
are embedded in this job; which at times can be very lonely, thankless and stressful!!!!!!!!

However, I am most fortunate and grateful that at Blomvlei the rewards far outweigh the
challenges. I have a past that is rich in memories. I have a present that is challenging and
adventurous because I am responsible for investing in the future and being a positive role
model for the whole Blomvlei school community. I would not be able to achieve much
without the input and cooperation of each and everyone, and I thank everyone for their role in shaping our school to be able to do the best we can for our learners-despite our challenging

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