Drive South Africa offers wheelchair accessible car hire for all types of travellers

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Drive South Africa aims to be A?all inclusive A?for your travel needs. So, when a client wrote to Drive South Africa asking if they had secure and safe wheelchair access, they were all to happy to say yes.

According to research at Disabled World Pills order phexin 125 , about 10% of our world’s population is disabled, that’s over 700 million of earth’s inhabitants who may have restricted access to activities tourists take advantage of every day.

As tourism in the Western Cape and South Africa grows, companies like Drive South Africa are making lasting impressions with travellers who may otherwise not have been able to tour.

With their A?Toyota Quantums adapted to become wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), each van can cater for two wheelchairs and three passengers, including accommodation for quadriplegics. Fitted with a hydraulic side-lift that assists passengers in their wheelchairs onto a customised platform alongside the vehicle, it provides easy access and exit facilities.

Drive South Africa has gone as far as including drivers who are specifically trained to operate these speciallyA?designedA?vehicles to ensure safety standards at all times and are available all day every day in the three major tourist areas of the country, Cape Town, Durban, and Gauteng.

Photo credit: Drive South Africa