Baphumelele’s holiday ‘Wish list’

baphumelele 2013 holiday wish list minomycin cost
Baphumelele relies on donations to make the difference in the lives of the children, young people and patients who are cared for by the various different projects. Their wish list below gives an idea of the essential items that they need every year to help look after these most vulnerable members of the community:


They are always in need of the following:

GroceriesA?such as maize meal, rice, sugar, samp, pasta, tinned fish. milkA?and other dry goods as well as vegetables and fruit

ElectricityA?for the 19 electricity meters which light, helpA?feed, washA?and keep warm the many children and patients in their careA?(electricity is bought from a shop or online a?? if you wish to help with this, please contact them generic for maxalt for the meter numbers)

ToiletriesA?such as soap, toothpaste, deoderant (both boys and girls!), facecloths and towels

Baby suppliesA?such as nappies (in medium, large, extra large sizes), vaselineA?andA?wet wipes

Household goodsA?such as old furniture, curtains, appliances and TVs (old style very much accepted). Kitchenware such asA?cutting knives, bread knives and cutlery would also beA?gratefully received.

cheap pills Tools and building materialsA?such as old wood, doors, bricks and kitchen cupboards which can be reused in our new farm project

Please note that this is a basic wish list a?? further details can be found on each project page. If you would like further information or want to donate something in particular, please do contact Baphumelele.

TheyA?thank you!