Be the change and develop your community leadership skills

 Fundamentals Training Centre _ TCD Trust

Our projects and community work often develop from need; necessity breads invention. A?When a local parent sees a hungry child she may take them into her home A?and provide a warm and comforting meal. A?If a young person sees rubbish lining the streets, they may gather a group of friends to band together and pick it up.

Naturally, there are many leaders around us. A?Leaders who work hard to become better and challenge themselves and their communities to become better as well. A?There are those who are born with great talent for guidance who could ask the sea to move mountains and the sea would oblige. Individuals like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Eva PerA?n guided nations out of strife.

Our world depends on the dedication of these types men and women, not just big names, but grassroots and locals.

To do good we must learn how to teach good. A?For some it comes naturally. A?Some people have a business sense, some know how to speak to others, but most when faced with a community problem they want to solve, begin from ground zero.

The TCD Trust strongly believes in education and internal inspiration of a community.

Cheap The Fundamentals Training Centre is an accredited learning centre where people, like those who run our TCD Trust projects can advance their skills in leadership and development.

The goal of the course A?is to provide its students with an ability to support individuals and communities in achieving the development objectives that they have set out to accomplish.

Having gained a credible qualification enables learners to plan and facilitate learning programmes in their own communities that benefit not only themselves but to be a qualified practitioner in developing their own community.

If you or someone you know is interested in growing their skills on an educational level, to achieve a certification that will give them an edge as an employee, or they run a project in their local community and want to develop their own volunteers and workers skills, suhagra 50 mg buy contact us or The FundamentalsA?Training Centre directly.

We are working on a project whereby our leaders can take these courses at no cost. A?If you are interested in supporting one of the heads of our projectA?we can work together to see it through.