Blomvlei Primary School celebrates 40 years !

Tuesday Evening the 27 cheap pills September we had the privilage of attending Blomvlei Primary Schools 40th Birthday concert. The concert celebrated 40 years of memoirs from 1971 – 2011. The concert opened with pupils walking through a packed Hanover Park Community hall waving South African flags and singing “Heal the world”. The children sang and danced various musical numbers from High School Musical to Moppies / Klop, klop, Safrafina, Nelson Mandela’s Freedom Speech right up to Disco Inferno and Jail House Rock !!!

It was how to get prescribed antidepressants side effect wonderful to be a part of their celebrations and to feel the energy, excitment and enthusiasim of the children, parents and teachers.The concern raised funds for the school and assist parents who cannot afford to pay the school fees.

The children spoke about the highlights cephalexin online purchase of the 21st century from the 70’s to the 2000’s – a very proud moment was a salute from the children to the Trustees and the TCD Trust for their new library which they said was the highlight of the 2000’s for the school. It is moments like that which make us realise how important the work is that the TCD Trust does and how it impacts people’s lives and inspires them to have a better life for themselves.

The concert was a great success and we thank the children, teachers and parents for all their hard work and continued enthusiams for life and making their lives meaningful. Blomvlei Library will grow from strengh to strengh with committed teachers and parents and will hopefully be Pills a highlight for the children at the school for another 40 years !