Cross-cultural Art Project at Blomvlei Library

On Tuesday 28th of February, around 20 pupils of Blomvlei Primary School in Hanover Park were assembled in the library for a cross-cultural exchange through Art. Already excited by the prospect of new visitors to the generic sumycin school, they were even more so when Nancy and Zeke a?? the couple undertaking the project a?? introduced themselves as New Yorkers and presented the art of Polystyrene drawing.

Not familiar with this art technique, the kids were soon all taken with this monochromatic way of drawing that gives different results from their usual drawing styles. Nancy first set a world map in front of the children, encouraging them to come and locate various places that are going to be included in the Art Project.

Initially a little bit shy, the little boys and girls soon loosened up. When Nancy initiated the first part of the project by showing them drawings made by children from New York City to represent their country, we could hear excited shouts of a??Oh I know I knowa??the Statue of Liberty, New York City, the empire state building, The White House a??a??

Further to this, they had to do their Cheap share by putting pencil to polystyrene pieces they were given and in turn draw something that they associate with South Africa or their immediate surroundings, a task each child took to heart.

After they were done, they went to Zeke and Nancy to do the roller transfer onto plain paper and each was proudly exhibiting his or her own order v-gel pill reviews piece of art to everyone, saying a??Look, look… I did thisa??

Nancy and Zekea??s Art Project this year takes them around the globe to several countries – South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia amongst other – whereby they will do the cultural exchange with primary school children, helping them develop their general knowledge on the world and world cultures.

Zeke and Nancy say they plan to end this yeara??s project in September with an art exhibit in New York. The concept behind the exhibit is to provide a platform for information sharing on the various organizations theya??ll work with during the Global Art Project.

a??We feel that different individuals are drawn to different types of charities and we hope to raise awareness on the work that is being done by all these amazing organizations to help children worldwide,a?? Nancy explained.

Nancy and Zeke further added that they hope this venture will act as a conduit and lead to response from people, inciting them to make donations directly to the various organizations involved in the Project.

We wish Nancy & Zeke all the best in their endeavour and last but not least, we extend a warm thank you to Andulela Experience for having introduced the couple to us, thus initiating Blomvlei Library into the Global Art Project. It has been a lovely experience for the children and we really appreciate your continued support of the TCD Trust and Blomvlei Library!