Di Thomas – Freedom Challenge

Di Thomas, Trustee of the TCD Trust, is still riding the Freedom Challenge. With 21 days behind her Di is still going strong and determined to end the race with proud and joy. Down here a little note from Di about the 21st day of the Freedom Challenge:
Day 21 – The wind and rain at the top of the Ladder was even worse than yesterday at the top of Swartberg Pass and it stayed like that all the way into Rouxpos. We left Gamkaskloof (‘Die Hell’) at first light and reached Ladder 9 and 3/4 in good time. To find it you go down into a little stream at the base of the cliff and as you approach a prominent poplar tree this gap magically appears in the misty morning and allows you access to it. I wasn’t sure if the cliff parted or the tree moved! Perhaps my Scott sparked and acted as a wand, I’ll never know, because the next thing the three of us were climbing ,heaving, pulling and clambering rapidly upwards and upwards like Jack of Beanstalk fame. It was really quite easy considering. The weather once we reached the ‘garage’ at the top was bloody appalling but we put our heads down and headed straight into the teeth of the wind. I looked about every now and then, but unfortunately today, Johan did not appear with coffee and rusks. Elsewhere I’m sure everyone is huddled in front of heaters watching the Tour de France and I feel privileged to be out on my bike like them achieving my goal. We just pick off each day one at a time although tomorrow we in for an early start and a push through to Montague. Thanks to everyone out there for cheering us on we really appreciate it – and it helps like you can’t believe.Thank you Di for being so strong and riding the Freedom Challenge for the Trust and to achieve your goal!You can still donate money to the TCD Trust on behalf of Di for riding this absolute challenge! buy retin-a thailand www.tcdtrust.org.za/donate cheap pills cheap eurax cream