Donation Enables Necessary Security Installations at Chris Hani School

Dear friends,

Today we have posted a donation of R400 through Postbank, Netherlands on your account with the Absa Bank in Wynberg. There should be no costs for you, since we indicated to our bank that all costs are for the sender.

We would like the amount to be beneficiary to the Chris Hani school, as we explained in previous messages.
The money was collected in the service on our wedding day, 9 september. We thought maybe it would be nice to include a picture of us in our best wedding dress…

We hope (and trust!) the school can make good use of it. If a special project is supported with this amount, we would be pleased if it were possible to inform us about it.

With kind greetings, and all the best,

Baukje Kingma, Jogchum Reitsma

Baukje Kingma & Jogchum Reitsma   Many Thanks to Baukje Kingma and Jogchum Reitsma for their donation of R400. They are pictured alongside in their best wedding dress!

Their donation will go a long way towards fitting the computer room containers with security doors and burglar bars – as well as desks & chairs for the computers.