Exclusive Books donation to Blomvlei Library

Thanks so much to Exclusive Books for their wonderful donation of books to Blomvlei Library. We collected three boxes of books from their Cavendish store this morning which contained a fantastic selection of books for children aged between 6 – 12 years. Included were a number of activity books which can procardia xl price be used by the teachers and librarian to do fun and creative activities with the children at the library.

Other books which the children will really http://sahityaganga.com/reviews-of-generic-lamictal/ enjoy were High School Musical, adventure stories, fariy tales, educational books, animal stories etc. We think this is a really great new selection of books for the children to read once they get back to school after their school holidays.We are always looking for new books for the children to read now they have two library periods per week in their school curriculum.


A very BIG Thank you to Exclusive Books for their generous donation and support of the new library at Blomvlei cheap zestoretic 20 Primary School.