#GetMichaelHome raises over R100,000 for homeless man’s ticket home to Jamaica

Get Michael Home TCD Trust

Just a couple of days ago Jenny Baker met Michael, a homeless man living on the streets of Daltson, London. A?Michael, 64, is far from his home of Jamaica and his original dreams of finding work to support his family have fallen to the wayside after his mother’s death. A?Now, Michael just wants to return home for a simple and happy life.

Jenny Baker met Michael on the street and promised him she’d get him home this year. A? After just 4 days Baker has raised over 100,000 rand and high hopes for humanity.

Not only can Michael go home, but now Baker can set up a fund to help Michael get back on his feet once he arrives.

Below is Baker’s first post asking her friends, family and colleagues to #getmichaelhome.

Get Michael Home TCD Trust


The response was overwhelming as nearly 10 times the amount requested poured in.

Get Michael Home TCD Trust

Baker takes initiative to help support and set up Michael with the Jamaican embassy upon arrival.

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Find updates on Baker’s work with Michael and Michael’s journey home by visiting the GoFundMe page she’s created, here. where can i buy celexa tricyclic antidepressant tablets android