Google Goes Green

I stumbled upon the following article on how Google, one of the largest and cheap serpina1 most successful companies of the early 21st century, are approaching the trend of “going green”.

Read more about their endeavours to go carbon Buy neutral…

Is green the new black?

It seems you can hardly turn around lately without getting some news about climate change, sustainability, and environmentalism in general. If you want to get involved, there are countless programs, products and efforts you can undertake as an individual, from recycling or biking to work to buying a hybrid car or low-flow Pills toilet. And there are plenty of things businesses can do too. As aA?A?global employer, Google is engaged with several initiatives. These include:

  • Solar power: we recently completed what may currently be the largest corporate solar installation in the U.S. at our Mountain View, California campus. With this in place, we hope to offset about 30% of our peak-hour output.
  • Corporate commuting: we manage a fleet of shuttle buses that carry some 1,500 Googlers to and from work all around the San Francisco Bay area, with additional benefits and credits for those who carpool, take the train, bike, or have a hybrid vehicle.
  • Plug-in hybrids: we’re supporting research for this promising vehicle technology that may double the mileage of today’s hybrid cars.
  • Carbon neutrality: we’ve pledged to become carbon neutral as a company – around the world – by the end of 2007. You can read more about all of these programs and more on our new “green” site.



Wouldn’t it be great if all companies – big and small – had the same approach to the growing problem of global warming.

What is your company doing to make over the counter benzaclin a difference?

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