Latest update at the RGG Creche construction site


We recently visited the RGG Creche in Phillippi to see who our latest project is doing. When we arrived we how to buy zyrtec saw that a community member was clearing the ground for the new classroom area! Also the teachers had already started clearing the ground for the new classroom. Everyone was so excited and were hoping that the new classroom will be build before Christmas.

The teachers were extreamly excited because we had just given Centercore the ‘go ahead’ for the contruction of the Wendy House and Abloution block for their Creche. Centercore will start with building the Wendy House classroom this monday! So that means that the building will definitely be ready before Christmas!! Ofcourse everyone was so happy to hear this great news!

I love it when a plan comes together, thanks again to everyone who has supported us cheap arcoxia medicine to make this project possible. In particular thanks again to the Mount Nelson Hotel, without your generouscity this would not be possible.