Make a change: Become a Mandela Day changemaker

Mandela Day – 18 July 2011!

a??Change was the gift given to all South Africans by Nelson Mandela. Now it’s YOUR turn. In the spirit of Madiba and his vision to spread justice and freedom for all, this is your chance to step up to the plate and become a part of a continuous global movement for good. By becoming a Mandela Day Changemaker you can show that actions speak louder than words by giving a little of your time to make a change that’s close to your heart. (or by giving a little of your time to make a difference to the life of someone less fortunate.)a?? (Nelson Mandela Foundation, 2011)

If you would like to contribute your 67 minutes on Mandela Day, join us at Blomvlei Library in Hanover Park.

Things to do:

Bring a book, read it to some of the children Cheap and donate it to the Library.

Bring good quality childrena??s books in English or Afrikaans and donate them to the minomycin price Library.

Add beauty to the environment around Blomvlei Library a?? bring a bag of compost, mulch and a spade and gear up to work in the

Assist us in cleaning up the litter around the school ground a?? Please bring combivent for sale black bags with you!