Mandela Day 67 mins at Blomvlei Library

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to do their 67mins of community service at Blomvlei Primary School in Hanover Park. Volunteers arrived at 11:00hrs and did more than they were expected to do, boxes of books were brought to the library, volunteers read books to the children, litter from around the school grounds was collected and an impromptu football match began with a young volunteer, Fraser Turnbull aged 13, and the cheap charboleps guys from the classroom where he had read three stories

The Overland Africa team did the cheap pills hard work of the day, digging into the very hard ground where they submerged a car tyre rim over the young trees which were planted last year. Soil, compost and mulch was then placed into the tyre rim which will serve the dual purpose of keeping the moisture around the tree and a water wise option for the watering in the hot summer months ahead.

Thanks again to everyone, it was a great experience cheap generic plavix for all of us and for the children at Blomvlei Primary School.