Mandla Maseko is set to become the world’s first ‘Afronaut’

Mandla Maseko _ TCD Trust

Mandla Maseko is a part time DJ and student of engineering at Tshwane North College in Pretoria.  Now Mandla Maseko has proudly taken on the term ‘Afronaut,’  and is set to be the first black African to join the ranks of only a select few hundred world wide, alive and deceased, to have travelled to space.

Selected as only the 15th black person, all of which are African-Americans before him, in the history of space exploration,  Maseko has realised his unlikely dream of going from ‘township boy’ to potential astronaut.

After beating out over 1 million other entrants for the United States based competition run by the AXE Space Academy, Maseko, at 25, considers himself lucky, but really it was his hard work and dedication to a dream that paid off.

Mark Shuttleworth, South African born successful entrepreneur, went to space in 2002, but many believe Maseko to be an ideal representation of the new African dream.

Maseko said to City Press, ‘Race doesn’t matter. We’re all part of the human race first. It doesn’t matter to me how people describe me, whether I’m the first black African or the first black South African. What matters most is that my journey inspires all young people to reach for their dreams’.

Watch Mandla Maseko in an interview with SABC, he’s truly inspiring.