Much to be thankful for; much still to do

As we wave goodbye to 2010, we have much to be thankful for:

• Being South African
• Our supporters, donors, partners and Friends of the TCD Trust passionate and insightful
engagement with our work.
• The generosity of our sponsors and our loyal Friends of the Trust.
• The dedication and hard work of the staff of Blomvlei Primary School who are so committed
to changing the future for the children at the school in Hanover Park.
• The beginning of the economic recovery which meant we were able to raise sufficient
funds to complete the construction of the Library at Blomvlei Primary School.
• A growing understanding of impact investing and its potential to transform South Africa.

But there is much still to do:

• Despite the recovery, the social development sector in South Africa still faces severe
resourcing challenges.
• The public sector and civil society have to work together to get essential services to
the people that really need them.
• As a nation, we have neither the time nor the money to waste on interventions that
have no measurable positive impact on people’s lives.
• Fragmentation of the sector threatens to dilute impact – we must make collaboration
our top priority. Don’t delay, become a Friend of the TCD Trust today and lets work
together to bring meaningful and long lasting change to desperate communities around us.
• Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it is the key to a prosperous future.

So here’s to rolling up our sleeves and making change happen in 2011.

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