My experience as an intern at TCD Trust

Baphumelele Children’s HomeA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A? RGG Creche

Dear TCD Trust,

My name is Carlijn Smeets, I have been an intern at TCD Trust since October. I worked very close with Bronwen Wetton, the manager of TCD Trust. My tasks at TCD Trust were; A?writing blogs, sending newsletters, updating the Facebook page, updating the website and arrange meetings with companies from the tourism industry to inform them about TCD Trust and try to attract them to cooperate with us. I have also been involved with several projects which are supported by TCD Trust.

During my first weeks in Cape Town, I have mainly experienced A?Cape Town as;A? beautiful beaches, stunning landscape and friendly people. However, after a while I noticed the other side of this mysteries city , and it was shocking for me; there are still a lot of people who are left behind. Besides my internship at Ashanti Lodge (a backpackers hotel), I also decided to pristiq price chemist warehouse do something more then only work in the tourism industry. My boss, Lisa KrA?hn, gave me the opportunity to work two days a week for TCD Trust. During my first week with Bronwen, she showed me the RGG crA?che and the Library at the Blomvlei Primary School; the two latest projects of the TCD Trust. I knew what I could expect, but to see the conditions of the different townships was still shocking for me. But by speaking to the people from the communities, I have really created respect for them. Most of them are trying to improve the situation where they live in, especially for the children. But these communities have nothing and depend on the support from others. I have visited the projects for several times and I always tried to make good contact with the children and the people who are involved with every project. During my whole internship I learned a lot from Bronwen; how she deals with problems and the daily activities. She presents TCD Trust very good and is always correct in the way she communicates with the people around her, even when she gets a bit disappointed. But most of all I learned from her that you must not give up if something does not work out well, but always try to be motivated and make the best of every situation. Every step we make is one step forward!

I am very glad that I have seen everything in Cape Town, the sunny side and the sad side. Some people may shut their eyes down cheap trandate 100 and dona??t want to see this other side of South-Africa, but these communities really need support! The TCD Trust is really doing a great job and I hope that there will be more people who will notice the demand for the communities who have been left behind during the a??apartheida??.

I would like to thank Bronwen for everything that she has done for me Buy and for giving me this wonderful experience.

Kind regards,