New Diamond Friend

The Trust is very proud to say that at the beginning of this month Home From Home Hospitality Services signed up as new DIAMOND Friend of the TCD Trust.

John and Lynda van Niekerk purchased an apartment at Marina Residential in October, 2002 and wanting to have it metformin and fertility treatment managed to a 5 star status for guests and to have it cared for on an ongoing basis, they formed Home from Home Hospitality Services.

Home from Home’s basic philosophy is: To Exceed Satisfaction

cheap pills Exceed: be more or greater than; go beyond; do more; surpass, excel, outshine, go beyond

Satisfy: meet the expectations of; leave nothing to be desired; *gratify, please, fulfil, bring comfort, delight, joy, pleasure, happiness, contentment, enjoyment. * pay, make good, settle.

Their Motivation:

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  • To work closely with and to represent each property owner to welcome and care for their guests as they would wish to do for themselves.
  • To uplift, impart skills and give dignity to our staff, as well as a sense of purpose, acceptance, family and belonging.
  • To care for, maintain and present each property in our care to a standard of excellence that all those who enter recognize, appreciate and are delighted by.

Hereby the TCD Trust gives a warm welcome to Home From Home’s Hospitality Services.

Thank you for becoming a Friend of the Trust!