Partners and friends memorialize Madiba

Partners dedicated to Mandela | TCD Trust
With the passing of Nelson Mandela, The TCD Trust mourns the loss of the man who changed the fate of South Africa.

While sadness overcomes the country, we can only feel an energy that comes through us from an outpouring of tributes and dedications to a man we all felt a deep connection to.

Without Mandela, our organisation could not and would not exist.

Our community is built on inclusion and an understanding of bettering South Africa, all aspects. A?We choose Buy projects buy baclofen 20 mg that are run by leaders in who are leaders in their own communities because we believe that helping individuals to sustain themselves creates an uplifted nation.

Our partners also apply to work with us and we carefully select companies and organisations who we believe promote the same ideals as the TCD Trust; bringing the benefits of tourism to the grassroots community.

What’s been apparent this week, is that we share the promise of Mandela; the pursuit of freedom, equality, and dignity for all. A?It’s only fitting that we align our charity with organisations who have also paid their respects via their own platforms.

Discover Africa Group’s Drive South AfricaA?(and all of their pages)A?have placed a small but meaningful dedication at the top of their page to Nelson Mandela, that links to a beautifully written article sharing the company’s personal thoughts on the passing of Madiba.

Partners dedicated to Mandela | TCD Trust


Budget Car Rental features a simple yet powerful “thank-you” at the top of their homepage.

pills online purchase motrin online Partners dedicated to Mandela | TCD Trust


And our partners at SA-Venues simply celebrate the life and legacy of Mandela.

Partners dedicated to Mandela | TCD Trust