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  • Masikule Home Creche

    Masikule Home Creche once provided little protection from Cape Town’s weather. It was obvious that it was not a learning conducive environment for children . The TCD Trust faciliated the planning and building of a brand new creche for the township children.

    More information about the project

    Masikhule Home Creche – The TCD Trust Founding Project

    In 1993, when the tourism industry was still in it’s fledgling stages, a few small companies began running Township tours. At the time, this was a very new concept, indeed, most white South Africans had never set foot in a Township. These tours have subsequently grown in popularity, especially with foreign visitors, who are keen to get a wider perspective on the social & cultural aspects of our land.

    Many visitors express an interest in making a difference in the lives of the communities that they visit and this is how Di Thomas, one of the current Trustees and owner of Daytrippers, along with Sam from Sam’s Cultural Tours and Lee & Toni from The Backpack / Africa Travel Centre, became involved in the building of the Masikhule Home Creche in KTC.

    The Need for a New Creche

    The original creche, while filled with happy, energetic children, consisted of no more than corrugated aluminum panels patched with cardboard providing little protection from Cape Town’s weather. It was obvious that it was not an environment conducive to learning during the children’s formative years.


    After working consistently for several months to raise the needed money and thanks to many generous donations, Di Thomas, along with various colleagues in the industry and abroad, finally raised enough funds to approach a builder with plans for a more adequate and desperately needed new creche.