Tavinia a�� Our intern from Mauritius

Leaving the sun, sand, sea and Pills incredible landscape of Mauritius behind, Tavinia came to Cape Town at the beginning of June to join the TCD Trust as an intern.

She will be working with Bronwen until mid-July. With a double major in Journalism and Public Relations, she chose to work with the Trust glycomet cheap to gain hands-on experience in Community Development and understand better the Social Responsibility aspects of the industry.

a??I gained experience in environmental responsibility during one of my internships back home and TCD Trust is giving me the opportunity to learn more now on community responsibility.a??

While Tavinia states she loves Cape Town and the people, the poor thing is constantly trying to keep herself warm in this cold winter.

a??I am so not used to the cold but Cape Town is fabulous – so beautiful and so like Cheap a home away from home – and my internship has been a remarkable eye-opener! One of my most memorable experience is the visit we had to the Trusta??s various projects which left me feeling more hopeful.a??

She says she will definitely be back, most likely in the warm summer months though, so she doesna??t constantly seek the heater, trying to get some much sought warmth!

Good luck Tavinia in your future endeavours! It was great to have you retail price of avodart with us and wea??ll love to have you back again!