TCD Trust participates in Responsible Tourism Week 2012

Picture beginning of last week, February 13tha?? Stroll down the street treatment venlafaxine effexor plus bupropion wellbutrin and witness the buzzing activities of partners searching the perfect gift for their better half and carrying colourful bouquets to be presented on Valentinea??s Day. So cute and romantic!

But in the Tourism Industry, some concerned members shared the love in a completely different way a?? by bringing together members of the industry under the umbrella of Responsible Tourism.

Responsible Tourism has, for some years now, had its own celebratory time a?? the Responsible Tourism Week. A worldwide endeavour, Responsible Tourism week serves as a platform of information sharing on how to make tourism a sector that does not cause further extensive damage to the earth while a??creating better places for people to live in, and better places to visita??.

As part of our contribution, the TCD trust presented our projects in the Responsible Tourism Cape Town a??pecha kuchaa?? (which I discovered was just a Japanese style of doing a Powerpoint) presentation held on Monday February 13, 2012.

Several key players in the tourism industry partaking in the shaping of Responsible Tourism in Cape Town such as The Green Cab, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and Serendipity Africa Buy were also present and some very interesting projects, dealing with different priority destination issues, were showcased during the presentation.

As a reminder there are 7 priority destination issues, as identified by Sheryl Ozinky, namely conservation of water resources, energy efficiency, Integrated Waste Management, preferential procurement, enterprise development, skills development and social development.

Since the TCD Trust falls under the social development category, we at the Trust take our role very seriously as agents of change in community development. Cape Town has several key areas with the potential for development and growth but that lacks the resources to do so. The TCD Trust aims at identifying these hidden potentials and empowering them so they can in turn be sustainable and autonomous and progress to bring positive contribution to their immediate locality and ultimately to the Mother City.

Oh as a side note, I even found out order acticin side that I can go to Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts by the Green Cab from Cavendish Square now – not go through the hassle of finding a parking space while at the same time helping to some extent to reduce harmful gas emission! I am thinking of the phrase a??Killing two birds with one stonea?? but it might be a tad-bit ironic given that we are trying to protect the environment, not annihilate it! But oh well so goes the saying!

Please share your thought on Responsible Tourism! We would love to hear from you! Thanks!