Thank you from Baphumelele

The past week the Trust received a very nice thank you letter from himalaya ayurslim price india the Baphumelele Educare Centre. Receiving this means a lot to us. It is what we do it for!

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Dear Di Thomas and Friends,

I, Rosie Mashale, the staff and management from Baphumelele Children’s Home Khayelitsha Cape Town, is hereby writing this letter to thank you for your kind donation. We truly acknowledge the endowment of food you bought for the Christmas Party for the Baphumelele Children’s Home. Your contribution definitely made a big deference. We thank you very much and my God’s richest Blessings be with you all in every area of your work. May you also have a great and prosperous new year!

Your contribution helped to save young, innocent children, whose lives have all been impacted by the HIV/Aids pandemic rampaging in our country – they are orphans or they have been abandoned by dying parents, they have been dumped as little babies or they are HIV-positive themselves. One way or another, they have all already experienced death, disease, abuse, neglect and hunger in their still so young lives.

It is people like you, who help to give them back their childhood, their smiles, their trust in life and a future. We are very grateful for your support and we hope that you will continue the support even years to come because Baphumelele is running five programmes and staffed with 69 people which means there is a long way to come for you to help.

All the best

Rosalia Mashale cheap pills Cheap
Managing Director