Thanks to the TCD Trust

During a recent visit to Cape Town, Kim Lucas from the UK, contacted the TCD acivir cheap Trust and requested to do some volunteer work at one of the projects which we support. We organised Kim to joinA?A?BaphumeleleA?A?EducareA?A?with volunteer teacher, Tessa Lifschitz. We received the following E-mail fromA?A?KimA?A?:


“I am really grateful to the TCD Trust toA?A?have been able to witness the fantastic work that is happening at Baphumelele. It was really inspiring and has made me determined to get involved as much as I can. Once again, thank you for responding to my message, it has brought about many possiblities that I hope to act upon.

Good luck with your new project at the TCD Trust and continue to be part of some of the wonderful developments purchase sinequan medication within the township communities in Cape Town.

Best wishes, Kim LucasA?A?”

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