The library is still empty……..which is where YOU come in!

If you answer YES to any of the following,you can be involved in this wonderful initiative:

~ Have you any librarian experience to share on a volunteer basis with training
and or organizing of the new library at Blomvlei Primary in Hanover Park ?

~ Do you have a good mind for organizing and would you like to volunteer to help
catagorise and sort out donated books ?

~ Do you have computer skills that you could teach on a volunteer basis to improve
pc literacy lessons during the week or on week-ends for both children and adults ?

~ Can you or your company donate computers, library equipment such as fax machines,
photocopier, scanners and overhead projector ?

~ Are you or your company able to contribute towards the ongoing financial needs
of the Library including paying librarian salary and the library maintenance ?

~ Would your company like to become a Friend of the TCD TRUST?

Contact : Bronwen Wetton, 079 899 2294, E-mail