The Next Project – Baphumelele Children’s Home and Educare Centre in Khayelitsha

The Trust has recently aligned itself with the Baphumelele Children’s Home and Educare centre in Khayelitsha. This pre-school and creche was started by a remarkable compassionate woman called Rosie Mashale. With donations from local and international donors a school was built which currently absorbs approximately 250 children from the community of Khyaletisha. Approximately 35 of these children come from the Baphumelele Children’s Home cheap albenza side Buy which was also started by Rosie – this Home provides a safe haven and loving home for abandoned, ill and abused children.

At this stage the parents pay meagre R85 a month and these fees are used to cover the salaries of the 21 teacher/aids; food (breakfast, lunch and tea are provided) and general upkeep of the centre. However, there are always a shortage of funds and certainly never any funds to buy equipment that the school desperately needs. The school requires educational puzzles, books, games, building toys, and art equipment.

Other projects that we are looking to undertake at Baphumelele include:

  • Replacing broken toilets
  • Fixing leaking roofs and/or damp walls
  • Fitting lights in dark & gloomy areas
  • Building new sleeping quarters in some areas of the children’s home
  • Painting the interior & exterior of some rooms/buildings
  • tiling some floor/wall areas
  • Providing furniture and equipment as needed
  • Arranging outings for the children
  • Possibly procuring the land behinde the edcuare centre and building a library on it
  • Creating a ‘sponsor-a-child’ campaign for the children’s home via our website


Artist’s impression of the purchase bupron side Educare Centre.