The plight of all & the pledge of few?

Type a??Responsible Tourism Week 2012a?? in your internet search engine when you have some time and youa??ll come up with an overwhelming sources of reference on the concept (I got around 132, 000,000!). Wow thata??s a lot right? Well no, because a closer cheap colchicine look at the sites reveals that a lot of those are somehow linked to just a few organizations. So does it mean that Responsible Tourism is just the concern of few?

Thata??s an interesting question that we have been pondering on and someone rightly pointed out last week at the a??pecha kuchaa?? presentation organized by Responsible Tourism Cape Town that she always sees the same faces over and over again at these events and was buy pills wondering why that was the case.

And hence my blog on it! Responsible Tourism Week 2012 a?? a recent occurring that should have firstly been more mediatised I would think. So why is it not? I mean Valentinea??s Day has nearly four times more hits (430, 000,000) in Google search. And I see Valentinea??s Day specials everywhere but has anyone seen Responsible Tourism Week specials? Please do share if you have!
Admitted Valentinea??s Day has huge marketing potential. But so does Responsible Tourism if positioned properly. We live in an era where individuals beg to differ, where everyone wants to be part of the global movement of betterment and positive change. And more and more people travel and wish to travel responsibly. So why is it that not every representative in the tourism industry is rushing forward to become the next best agent of change?

If a tourist has to choose between two competitors, both with approximately the same costing, the former would go for the one offering a more sustainable option – for his or her personal peace of mind. So companies do stand to win by adopting Responsible Tourism as a business initiative!

So then what might be the problem? Why is the response to Responsible Tourism initiatives less that it should be? Due to a lack of assets, a lack of interest, or a lack of time?

Responsible Tourism is a tourism himcolin gel price in oman that a??creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visita??. This starts with the creation of a healthy social, economic and environmental setting. The success or failure of this is the plight of all! So I wonder why then Responsible Tourism is, so far, just the pledge of a selected few?

Please share your thoughts!
Thank you!