Visit to the RGG Creche

This morning we visited the RGG Creche in Philippi to see how far the builders of Center Core were with the Wendy House. They started last week with the construction. We were very surprised when we arrived, because the builders were already busy with the roof of the new Wendy House. If everything goes well and the weather will be on buy actosol our side for the next days, the Wendy House will be finished by the end of the week!

At the crA?che we had a meeting with Tinesh about the possibilities of placing a little bathroom in the Wendy House. We would like to have one toilet for the boys and one for the girls. We discussed some things and order vantin antibiotic hopefully the bathroom will be there before the end of the year! It was a very meaningful meeting.

We spoke with the teachers of the crA?che and some of the children, everyone Pills is so happy with the building and wish it was there house. The whole community is very proud!

A very big thank buy pills you for the Center Core, the Wendy House looks already awesome!!