Irish volunteers “The Woodberry Woodpeckers” add finishing touches to the Baphumelele Respite Centre

South Africa has more people infected with HIV than any country in the world.

Women in South Africa are doubly affected by the disease. They far outnumber men in the number of new infections and are the primary caretakers of the sick and orphaned. The epidemic has put a heavy burden on the backs of poor woman and girls, yet their courage is inspirational.

In the sprawling township of Khayelitsha, Rosie Mashale, founder of the Baphumelele Centre in 2001, has taken in 64 children who have been orphaned by the epidemic. Some of these children are HIV-positive and require constant care. Many women from the community help Rosie care for her children. (Source:

According to the diabecon cost manager of the Baphumelele Children’s Home, Jeff Brovet, the number of orphans has risen to 97 today.

In 2005 she was named as one where can i buy nolvadex of the finalists of the ‘Woman of Worth’A?A? Awards in Cape Town

Last year in August when a small group of the Woodberry Woodpeckers visited Rosie, she said to them that it was her dream to have a respite center as part of the Baphumelele Children’s Home as she saw the need for shelter for kids and young adults affected with HIV/Aids and other related diseases, that has been rejected by their families and communities.

The Woodpeckers immediately launched a massive fundraising campaign on their return to Ireland. The first deposit to the Tourism Community Development Trust was made in November 2006.In total they have deposited R970 000 and has also donated 10 pallets of toys, clothing and school items to Baphumelele.The shipment will be delivered in Khayelitsha on Monday, 05 March.

What they have done with their money

  • Constructed the double storey respite center (completed)
  • Funded an ambulance for the center (in progress)
  • Funded 15 hospital beds, lockersand cubicles (in progress)
  • Funded all other furniture, kitchen and appliances (in progress)
  • Funded Rosie’s ‘wish list’A?A? of items that is always just out of reach for them (in progress)
  • All the finishing to the interior and exterior will be funded by them (in progress)

What they will find when they get there:

  • A complete new respite center of which the occupation will increase as the month progresses
  • They are waiting for all the hospital beds and curved curtain rails to be installed.There will be 6-7 hospital beds but no cubicles as yet. That will be installed on the 9th of March.
  • As you read, they are purchasing and furnishing the building with appliances
  • No curtains in front of the windows as this is part of the job function of the Woodpeckers
  • No built in Cupboards as this is part of the job function of the Woodpeckers
  • No paving as this is part of the job function of the Woodpeckers
  • No burglar bars in front of the windows as this is part of the job function of the Woodpeckers
  • Bathrooms are tiled but need the finishing touches
  • It is Rosie’s wish to have the boundary wall painted. If weather permits, this is part of the job function of the Woodpeckers

The Woodberry Woodpeckers will work hard over the weekend to be finished in time of the opening on Monday, 05 March which will be attended by

  • Rosie and her team of care takers
  • The Irish Ambassador to SA, Mr. Colin Wrafter
  • The Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Ms Charlotte Williams
  • The CEO of Cape Town Routes Unlimited, Sheryl Ozinsky
  • The Woodberry Woodpeckers from Ireland
  • Trustees of the TCD Trust
  • Fairfield Tours (the tour operator)

We are all very proud and honoured to be part of this project which was funded by the Woodberry Woodpeckers, facilitated by Amabokoboko Sport (member of pills online the Fairfield Group) and the Tourism Community Development Trust (TCD Trust).