-You are invited to leave your hand print on Blomvlei Library

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While the World Cup was on and the whole country was gripped by football fever building continued at a steady pace at the Blomvlei Library in Hanover Park. There are only 4 weeks now left until the completion of the how much potassium in aldactone library building on 31st of August.

All finishing work is well on its way and most surfaces have been painted! The Mezzanine Level and the staircase is now complete, as well as the wooden platform along the north side. The bathrooms are being fitted out, tiled and painted. From next http://deviseafoods.co.in/?p=1633 week on the tinted screed will be laid and finally the carpet installed.

Sustainable paint products from Keim and Harlequin have been used as well as an environmental-friendly carpet from Desso.

Apart from the building work, a group of 16 Blomvlei learners and their Technology teacher Ms. Cloete enjoyed a visit to Apollo Brick Factory, that supplied bricks to the library. On this interesting journey, They learnt about the mining of the clay, its preparation, stockpiling, pressing and burning in so called A?a??A?clampsA?a??A?. Some of the provera 10 mg price boys took home very visible memories from the site after they got stuck in sticky clay. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh! After that the learners had the chance to lay a few bricks at the Library themselves.

Another exciting activity will take place on Saturday, the 7th August 2010 between 9am and 1pm at the library on the school ground. We are inviting everyone who has contributed towards the Library construction to come along to the school and to leave a long-term memory with their handprint on a terracotta tile which will be fitted on the outside faA?A?ade of the Library. For a contribution of only R 10 per child hand print or R 20 per adult for a handprint.
For further information on the event or other contribution requirements for the library please do not hesitate to contact me on : 079 899 2294

We hope to Buy see all our Friends on Saturday to see the progress of the Library as well as making your hand print for the mosaic.

See you there !